The Sport Business Network is a movement comprising businesses, sports clubs, sports charities, associations and governing bodies all of whom believe in the immense power of business and sport to change lives


The SBN’s Emerging Talent Fund enables the business community to contribute to the next generation of talented GB athletes and to feel part of their inspirational journey

The SBN has taken on the role of giving a voice to the superb work achieved in Sport 4 Development. In the eyes of the SBN and its members, this is what sport is truly about, the bringing together of diverse communities and people under one united umbrella. The SBN is passionate about the power of sport to change lives and our members are too

For any business wishing to generate revenue through both sport and business, or for a business that wants to build brand profile and create a powerful CSR strategy at the same time, joining the SBN could be the start of something really special

Why join the SBN?

  • You will make excellent long lasting business relationships with like minded people
  • You will learn first hand how we democratise access to sport, making it affordable for your business to invest in
  • You will learn how to grow your brand through sport
  • You will directly support the next generation of GB athletes and we will show you how to leverage this to impress your stakeholders
  • You will get the opportunity to make a genuine and sustainable difference to the lives of thousands of people (young and old) in disadvantaged communities

Together we can make a huge difference