Our mission:

We aim to connect the largest number of business people together with each other and with people from sport at all levels so that they can build relationships which will benefit their businesses, sports, talented individuals who need a helping hand and society itself. Only a tiny percentage of the business community believes it has a role to play in shaping society. Through the power of sport we aim to change that.

Our vision:

The SBN has a vision where business plays a central role and makes a direct and influential contribution to improving society through sport, benefitting every business too.

Through our partners SportsAid our members fund and support the next generation of talented GB athletes, sharing the highs and lows of a journey that may end in ultimate triumph at the Olympic or Paralympic Games.

At the same time, we are the campaigning voice supporting and promoting the awesome power of the Sport For Development sector to the business community. Our members are engaged, moved and inspired by the work our friends in sports charities, community schemes and grassroots clubs do to enhance the lives of people (young and old) in disadvantaged areas.

Last but not least we strive to create the perfect environment for our business members to connect and build long lasting relationships, safe in the knowledge that, whilst they may come from different market sectors, they all share the same values and beliefs.

The SBN is not just another business network. It is only for people who value sport and its unique ability to change lives in business and society. Those who share our vision are all agreed – it is a great way to do business and have fun on the way!

Roger McKerlie - From Hackney to Arsenal

Phil Bevan - South East Innovation and Growth