Do you know of any other commercial business network that puts 50% of every membership fee into a fund to help finance the development of some of Great Britain’s most talented athletes?

That is what the SBN does.

Our Four4One membership proposition means that for every 4 new members we sign up another athlete is funded for a year, relieving the pressure on the “Bank of mum and dad”! Our primary partner in the Emerging Talent Fund is a charity called SportsAid (  which can have up to 2,000 aspiring GB athletes on their books all looking for funding at the same time. All of these young people have been nominated by their governing bodies and all are potential champions.

Only a few will make it.

Being recognised as having the potential to be a world beater is one thing, having the dedication, commitment, passion and single mindedness to achieve this is another. Finding the money to pay for equipment, travel, medical support and a million other things is a further challenge but you won’t hear our athletes or their parents complaining. They know they have a rare talent and they are determined to maximise it.

They do need help however and that is where the SBN comes in. Simply by joining us your business will make a direct contribution to a young athlete but many of our members go further and fund their own athlete directly or they may offer their skills, contacts and resources in lieu of cash. To see the difference this can make to a young athlete is both humbling and thrilling in equal measure. When you consider that SportsAid’s alumni include world class performers like Sir Bradley Wiggins, Mo Farah and Jess Ennis-Hill you begin to appreciate the importance to our future stars of the Emerging Talent Fund.

What’s more all SBN members have the right of association with the athletes whilst they are funded by the SBN. Imagine how beneficial that could be to your business.

Find out more about our current supported Athletes: