Bobby Clay smashes everything!

Supporting the next generation of sporting stars is what SBN is most proud of, and whether they make it to the top or not, we are there to support them and cheer them on

One of our rising stars is Bobbly Clay, an 18 year old 1500m runner from Kent. Bobby is our little Pocket Rocket! She won't mind us pointing out that she's tiny, often surrounded by very tall long distance runners, only serves to highlight this! But Bobby is smashing just about everything at the moment and we believe there's a lot more to come!

Returning from injury just a few months ago, Bobby turned her frustration from not being able to train into pure power!

In the space of a few weeks she has smashed over 2 seconds off her Personal Best, won the European Qualifying Final, and has now been selected to represent Great Britain in the European Diamond League Competition in Sweden in a few weeks time! Bobby we think you rock!

We'll keep you updated on her progress, she is most definitely one to watch and her passion and determination is infectious!

If you would like to know more about the SBN and our Four4One programme that supports Bobby and a number of other athletes drop us a line and we'll happily tell you more.