If sport has the power to change lives, our members know it also has the power to save lives.

Sport For Development is a term few business people will have heard of but it is one which summarise a movement which is vitally important to thousands of people in disadvantaged communities.

In many parts of the UK’s most challenging urban areas gang culture is out of control and young people really do face life threatening situations daily. A wrong turn here, an ill judged comment there and the consequences can be fatal. To civilised society it is horrific and repellent and, if we are honest, it is therefore easier to look the other way and ignore these areas in society. Thankfully, there are thousands of brave and dedicated people working in hundreds of sporting organisations who don’t look the other way.

They take sport, with its barrier busting power, into the most deprived areas and they return with evidence of real lives (young and old) which are saved, enhanced and turned around. They are not always successful but one “victory” is worth the effort and the SBN has dozens of examples of these victories.

If it is not always successful it is also not always so dramatic either. Sport For Development impacts on lots of people in different ways. It may be about lifting academic standards, reducing anti social behaviour, giving isolated old people a new social life, bringing diverse communities together, breaking down race, gender and faith barriers, improving fitness or simply allowing people to have fun. Whatever it is about, it is definitely about inspiration and in business that can go a long way towards success.

The SBN doesn’t actually deliver Sport For Development projects but we will introduce you to the heroic people who do. We will also show you how to leverage this sector for staff engagement, for CSR, for charitable giving and even for connecting with your customers. It is a world which will inspire you and move you like nothing else and the SBN will be your guide.